Author, Speaker, Thought Leader

Dr. Hicks is the author of the upcoming book Incongruent. Writing her first book at 10 years old, she has now been published in numerous magazines and websites. 

Her works have been featured on popular magazines and websites including, Marie Claire, Authority Magazine, See Beyond Magazine, The District, Doctor’s Life Magazine, Journal for Research Administration and Moc Ideja, a grassroots policy manual for lawmakers in Bosnia funded by the US Department of State.

Dr. Hicks is a consultant and thought leader with two decades of experience in the education, nonprofit, and social enterprise space. She has helped executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations create successful future strategies that align their actions with their values and purpose.

Dr. Hicks holds a doctorate from the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University. Her awards include the Rod Rose Paper of the Year Award for the Journal of Research Administration, the Joyce Keller Volunteer of the Year Award, the Florence Bayuk Scholarship for academic excellence; the University of Miami Outstanding Scholastic and Public Service Achievement Award.