Inked Elephant team has designed a custom, systematic approach to ghostwriting that maximizes impact and quality while minimizing your time commitment. The following plan illustrates our system customized to your book plan.

Step 1: Storyboarding

In a live or zoom session, the entire book will be outlined chapter by chapter including themes, focus, outside research plan, publication plan, etc.

Your Time Commitment: 1-2 hours

Step 2: Secondary Content Research

Every quality nonfiction manuscript has elements of attributable research to enhance and validate the key points made in the work. The Inked Elephant team will gather, synthesize and cite all pertinent research to accentuate the primary work.

Your Time Commitment: 0 hours

Step 3: Primary Content Interview

Utilizing regular 1 hour sessions or periodic full or half day sessions, we will engage in guided interviews to gather and record first person thoughts, opinions, and content. The Inked Elephant team will transcribe these recordings to withdraw, organize, and write each chapter per the storyboard plan. 

Your Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per chapter

Step 4: Point Illustration Interviews

A powerful element to add depth and meaning to each of your themes will be the interviews of those directly affected by the policies in question. The Inked Elephant team vignettes for each chapter/topic.

Your Time Commitment: Varies based on interest/involvement

Step 5: Editing and Cover Art

Once a full draft manuscript has been completed, it will come to you for initial rounds of editing. Following or concurrently, a professional editor will be hired to edit and proof the manuscript. A cover artist will also be hired at this stage to design the covers.

Your Time Commitment: 10-20 hours depending on editing speed

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