Literary Coaching

The Inked Elephant Team knows that writing a book is a journey and every journey needs a guide and a cheerleader to help you along the path.

As your literary coach, we will walk through the process together.

Step 1: Storyboarding

In the first of two strategy sessions, we will outline your book chapter by chapter including themes, focus, outside research plan, publication plan, etc.

Step 2: Writing Goals and Timelines

In the second of two strategy sessions, we will create a detailed, achievable writing
timeline based on your capacity, capabilities and desired publication date.

Step 3: Monthly Accountability Meetings

Each month we will meet to talk through your writing process and talk through any places you are stuck and offer insights into edits and changes. In between meetings, Inked Elephant team will review and edit drafts and be continuously available for unlimited email or google chat communications for encouragement and questions. Finally, writing exercises will be assigned at each meeting to enhance any areas where your creativity could be elevated.

Step 4: Finalization Assistance

Once the full manuscript is complete, we will work together on all steps needed to prepare for publication. This includes but not limited to: professional editing, layout, cover design, and other publishing preparation steps.

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