5 Steps to Leverage Your Strengths

You have strengths and weaknesses, just like every other person in the world. But few people intentionally take advantage of their strengths. Imagine the impact you could have on your life and the lives of others by leveraging your strengths. 

There are many advantages to building and utilizing your strengths:

  1. You can earn more money. Your strengths are valuable. The more value you can provide to the world each day, the higher your earnings will be.
  2. You can enhance your self-esteem by spending your time doing things at which you excel.  When you’re good at something, it feels good to do it. When you do things poorly, the opposite tends to occur.
  3. You can boost your career. Provide more value to your employer and you’ll be viewed as more valuable.
  4. You make a bigger impact on the world when you utilize your strengths more often. The entire world benefits when you put your strengths to work on a regular basis.

These are just a few of the benefits of making the most of your talents, abilities, and skills. What others benefits come to mind?

Leverage your strengths and have more influence on your world with these strategies:

  1. Identify your strengths. You can’t leverage what you can’t identify. What are you better at than the average person? Keep in mind that programming the DVR probably isn’t a marketable skill. Here are a few ideas:
    • Influencing others
  • Networking
  • Public speaking
  • Writing
  • Computer programming
  • Website design
  • Education
  • Athleticism
  • Photography
  • Be sure to ask your friends, family, and colleagues for their opinions. You may have strengths you never considered. The people around you many have noticed things you’ve failed to notice about yourself.
  1. Convince yourself that these really are personal strengths that you possess. What proof do you have that you’re a great writer, listener, or public speaker? Pretend you’re in a job interview. What evidence would you give that you have writing skills?
    • I have written for three very popular blogs for over a year.
    • I have completed several college courses in creative writing.
    • I’m currently writing a book.
    • I have written four articles for various magazines.
    • Do this for all of your identified strengths.
  2. Determine how you can put these strengths to work for you. Consider your current job, social situation, finances, and every other aspect of your life. How can you leverage your skills to boost your life?
    • Are you in the correct job to take full advantage of your skills?
    • Do your hobbies utilize your skills?
    • Could your strengths be used to build a stronger social network?
  1. Make a plan. Develop a plan to make the most of your strengths. It’s okay to start small, but avoid selling yourself short. Maximizing your strengths is your way to the top.
    • Make a plan to apply your strengths to at least three key areas of your life. Be aggressive in your long-term outlook.
  2. Continue to build your skills to a higher level. Never stop developing your strengths. And remember to reevaluate your strengths each year. You’ll develop new strengths over time. Ensure you’re continuously building and evaluating yourself.
    • Create a second plan to develop your greatest strengths even further. What resources do you have available to you? Are there books or seminars that are applicable? Could you find a mentor?

Your strengths are unique to you, and the way you apply them can be just as unique. Make the most of your natural and acquired talents and maximize your life. The entire world benefits when you’re applying your strengths each day. Make a plan to leverage your strengths.

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