5 Top Tips on Organizing Your Thoughts

Our thoughts can be complex and overwhelming at times. If you can learn how to organize them effectively, you can control them and enjoy a more stress-free life. 

There are many ways to maintain control and still free your mind. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can get creative and take control of your thoughts! 

Consider these top tips on how to organize your thoughts:

  1. Create a mind map. Often, our lives are so chaotic it’s a good idea to write our thoughts down to organize them. Humans are largely visual beings, so having a clear representation of your thoughts allows you to organize them more easily. 
  • Put your thoughts, worries, and concerns on a mind map. Add different colors for various sections of your life. One could be money worries, and another could be long term goals. Another could be a food shopping list. 
  • Mind maps should be colorful and visually pleasing. Use highlighters, put thoughts in boxes, and get your ideas down. Just let your thoughts spill onto the page!
  1. Create a long-term plan. We can easily become overwhelmed. Create a short, medium, and long-term plan so you can set goals.
  • By having a set of plans, your mind will be less cluttered, and you can put all of your thoughts into different lists. Creating goals and fulfilling them gives you a sense of achievement.
  • Setting goals allows you to feel in control. Set time frames in which you want to achieve them.
  1. Prioritize your tasks. This should help free up your mind and stop everything from seeming as though it needs to be tackled at once. 
  • Consider the most pressing thoughts in your head and write them down. Identify how you will deal with each thought.
  • Decide which thoughts can be tackled immediately, which need a bit more time, and consider how you can ease your worries by tackling ideas and concerns one at a time.
  • The brain responds well to lists and logic. Take your thoughts and turn them into logical and achievable goals. 
  1. Invest in a whiteboard. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to organizing thoughts, so consider investing in a whiteboard. Write down your thoughts each day, uniquely decorate the board, and wipe away the thoughts when they’re no longer needed!
  • Write down your most pressing thoughts in one color, things you must do at a later date in another, and perhaps ideas and concepts that have popped into your head in a third color.
  • By writing things down in different colors and then wiping away different thoughts at different times, your brain will visually organize your thoughts and you will see a sense of achievement when each task is achieved, or each thought wiped away.
  1. Delegate where possible. There’s no shame in telling others about your troubles. Discuss your thoughts with others, prioritize what needs to be tackled first, and if necessary, ask others to help out.
  • If you have many tasks to do and it feels overwhelming, delegate! Ask friends to help you tackle your workload and speak to others about how you feel. It will lighten the load and make you feel more in control!

Thoughts don’t have to consume you. Sometimes, we just need to take time out for ourselves and reflect on how we can simplify thoughts in our racing minds. By writing down our thoughts and putting them in order of priority, we can achieve a sense of calm in our minds and take back control!

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